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You don’t have to be a Public Speaker or a Writer to Deliver a Beautiful Eulogy at Your Loved One’s Funeral… Just Follow this Step-by-Step Guide

Jason Keith, Author and Expert Eulogy WriterDear Friend,

First off, I want to offer you my sincere condolences for the loss of your friend or loved one. Losing someone is one of the most difficult and stressful times in our lives.

This stress can be compounded if you have been asked to deliver a eulogy at the funeral or memorial service…especially if you are not a natural public speaker or professional writer.

If you are stressed out and struggling to write a memorable and beautiful Eulogy and you are rushed for time then you will be very happy and relieved to have found this web page.

It is my goal to help you quickly and easily write a loving and memorable eulogy that you and your family will be proud of… and I am going to give you tips for how to deliver it eloquently with and with confidence. 

  • Imagine standing up in front of your friends and family, Confident and Enlightening and delivering an Amazing eulogy that will be remembered for years to come.
  • Imagine, being able to express how you feel about your loved one with the Perfect words.
  • Imagine being able to make the audience laugh at all the funny happy times you shared together and remember the sad and difficult times.
  • Imagine how Happy and Appreciative your belated friend or loved one would be with your speech.

After all they would do it for you a thousand times.

You Know They Would Deliver an Amazing Eulogy for You.

Hello, my name is Jason Keith.

I know you’re going through a hard time right now, you’re feeling a flood of emotions.  One thing you don’t need on top of that is the stress of having to write an amazing Eulogy.

Everyone is depending on you and you don’t have much time. How to Write a Eulogy

Maybe you are stressed out because you know you are not the world’s best writer and speaking in front of a large group of people makes your knees tremble.  But still you agreed.

Because despite all of your fears you miss and care for your loved one so much – you’d do anything for them.

I really respect that. I mean it. I know where you are coming from.

That’s why I help people write and present Amazing Eulogies. I've written and presented eulogies at several funerals for my loved ones and I have helped other people assemble lasting tributes for their beloved friends and family members.

After helping one friend a couple years back, he suggested that I put all my advice and tips into a special guide to help others all over the world get through the difficult process of writing and delivering a great eulogy. Although it took me nearly a year to put it together, I am proud today to release my first guide on Eulogy writing…


The EULOGY Writing Guide: How to Write a Loving Eulogy to Remember

Eulogy Writing Guide - How to Write a Loving Eulogy from the HeartInside my guide and supporting materials, you will discover:

  • The Truth about Emotions and Eulogies and how to cope.
  • The Six Part Formula to writing a Eulogy that will be remembered!
  • The different sorts of Eulogies for different Occasions and how to write the correct style of Eulogy!
  • How Poems and Quotes can take a good Eulogy and turn it into something MAGICAL – (I’ll give you some of my favorites)
  • Four things that should be included in every single Eulogy to CONNECT with the Audience
  • How long should my Eulogy be? This common question is answered inside.
  • The Biggest mistake people make when writing Eulogies that they learned from High School and that kills the effect.
  • 7 important things you should know before you even begin writing your Eulogy.
  • How to control your emotions and logically collect your thoughts about what to include.
  • Four groups of people who are crucial to a successful Eulogy – and why they’ll virtually write it for you and bring fresh ideas to the table!
  • Quick and Easy Templates you can use if you’re stuck
  • And much more…

You Also Get Helpful Eulogy Writing Worksheets

To make the process of writing a great eulogy easier, we have developed a bundle of worksheets to help you gather your thoughts and find stories to share during your funeral speech.

We have worksheets to help you gather biographical data to use during your eulogy as well as worksheets to help you interview other people to include their thoughts and memories.

Our customers often tell us that these worksheets alone are worth the entire cost of the product. These worksheets will HELP you collect and organize all of the information and stories you need to compile a loving and honorable tribute that will be remembered by those in attendance for years to come!


Sample Eulogies You Can Use!

In our upgraded and premium packages, we provide you with 20 sample eulogies you can use. These samples can be altered in any way you choose to make your own personal and heartfelt eulogy. Below is a list of the types of sample eulogies our product contains:

  1. Eulogy for Your Father
  2. Eulogy for Your Mother
  3. Eulogy for Your Grandpa
  4. Eulogy for Your Grandma
  5. Eulogy for Your Step-Father
  6. Eulogy for Your Step-Mother
  7. Eulogy for Your Brother
  8. Eulogy for Your Sister
  9. Eulogy for Your Husband
  10. Eulogy for Your Wife
  11. Eulogy for Your Son
  12. Eulogy for Your Daughter
  13. Eulogy for Your Uncle
  14. Eulogy for Your Aunt
  15. Eulogy for Your Friend (Male)
  16. Eulogy for Your Friend (Female)
  17. Eulogy for a Suicide (Male)
  18. Eulogy for a Suicide (Female)
  19. Eulogy for a Co-Worker (Male)
  20. Eulogy for a Co-Worker (Female)


Eulogy Online Automator

With our Premium Package, you get access to our One-of-a-Kind Eulogy Online Automator tool that literally writes your eulogy for you. With this AMAZING tool, you simply answer questions about your lost friend or loved one and then press submit and you will have a eulogy ready to use.

It only takes about 10-15 minutes to create a memorable eulogy from the heart using our Powerful online eulogy automated assistant tool. Here's how it works:

  1. You log into the website and select the type of eulogy you want to write.
  2. You answer the questions on the screen.
  3. Press the "Submit" button and review your completed eulogy.
  4. The eulogy is even emailed to your email address where you can view it on your computer, cell phone or iPhone.

If you need to write a eulogy FAST, this is truly the way to go. The Eulogy Online Automator is perfect for situations where time is of the essence.

You will NOT find any other tool like this online for writing eulogies!


Additional Reports for You

To round out our upgraded and premium packages, we offer two extremely helpful reports.

The first report is called FUNERAL PLANNING: How to Plan a Loving Funeral. This helpful guide help you:

  • Know what to do first
  • Know how much will it cost
  • Learn how to select a funeral home
  • Learn how to create a funeral program
  • Plus it Contains a Checklist of things to do

The other report is called WRITING OBITUARIES: How to Write a Memorable Obituary. It helps you:

  • Learn how to Write a Obituary
  • Learn the Common Elements of Obituary
  • Learn the Various formats Obituaries are written
  • Learn how to Get Obituary in a Newspaper
  • Plus it contains sample obituaries for a grandparent, spouse and parent.


To be honest…

My course is Totally Different From Anything Else Available on the Web or in bookstores. I am proud to offer a bundle of tools, resources and samples for you to use to write your eulogy.

Although a lot of websites will claim to have something truly unique most of them are just offering a bunch of cliché advice offered all over the internet for Free.

This is totally different because not only will you get an instructional manual that goes over how to write a Eulogy easily; you’ll also get a range of interactive worksheets and supporting materials which help you research and formulate all of your ideas. Plus, in our Premier package you get access to our truly one-of-a-kind Online Eulogy Automator.

I know you will find these materials Extremely HELPFUL and they make writing and delivering the eulogy so much simpler for you.

Not only that but you’ll get FREE updates to any new changes I make to the guide meaning you always have the best information available anywhere.

But it gets even better…

Just Look What Our Customers are Saying…

I recently purchased this product during a tough time. I was very pleased with all of the information and it really helped me put together a loving eulogy. I highly recommend this product if you been asked to write a eulogy for a loved one or family member.

- Scott K. – Oklahoma City, OK



When my grandfather died, I had to deliver a eulogy. The resources included on this site really helped me compile a eulogy that my grandmother really appreciated and that my grandfather would have enjoyed. This is good information for people during what is a really hard time in life.

- Justin W. – Norman, OK

How Much Does it All Cost?

The answer is no where near as much as many people have told me to charge for it.  Imagine how much it would be worth to deliver an amazing Eulogy – to really say how you feel about you’re loved on and do them proud.
How much would it be worth to stand up in front of everyone with confidence and speak with clarity, almost magically gaining the ability to speak like a professional speaker? 

The answer is a LOT.

I offer three different pricing options depending on your individual needs. My least expensive option is just $17.99, which is about as cheap as anything you will find online today.

When you divide that over 30 days that’s less than 60 cents a day! You can’t even buy a pack of chewing gum for that these days.

Surely your Eulogy is worth much more than that.

I also offer a couple of upgraded packages that cost a little more, but are loaded with even more tools to help you write an amazing eulogy (including our one-of-a-kind Online Eulogy Automator). You can scroll down the page to see the additional pricing options.

But I’ll go one step further…

I’ll Guarantee A Memorable & Moving Eulogy or I’ll Refund Every Cent

(Important Note: Read on to discover why I’m taking such a big risk)


Listen…I know you’re probably skeptical about whether you can achieve some of the amazing results that have been already mentioned here.

It seems unreal that people who formerly couldn’t write a single word of a Eulogy almost instantly could write pages and pages and deliver it beautifully after getting the course.

Because of that I want to make a deal with you.

Review my guide and complete course for 60 full days and use everything inside to write an amazing tribute to your loved ones life.

Notice how you move the audience and speak with confidence and give a speech that people remember – and how it was all possible because of what you learned in this course.

And then decide whether it was worth your tiny investment. If you honestly think it wasn’t then I’ll give every cent of your money back.

No Questions asked and you can even keep your copy of the product as a special thank you for giving it a try. Sound fair enough?

I hope so… because:

You’re Just Minutes Away From a Memorable and Moving Eulogy – That’s Easy to Write!

You’ve read this far into my message – to me that shows how DEDICATED you are to writing something AMAZING.

I know it’s hard. If you aren’t naturally a Public Speaker or a Writer finding the right words or delivery is always difficult. Coupled with the stress you’re currently going through it becomes near impossible.

It’s much easier to get the guidance and support to help you out, and the fact that you have read this far means you truly do care about your passed on loved one to seek help.

But this is where you need to make a decision. Like I said before, I don’t mean to rush you. But I’m going to be forced to raise prices to help keep this site running through these harsh economic times.

The best time to act is right now – because tomorrow you could come back to this site with a 200% price hike. (Which I would hate to do)

I’ve already talked about how you are protected by my 60 day money back guarantee. I suggest you order now, try it out and see if your eulogy isn’t beautiful from what you discover in my exclusive guide.

And finally you’ve seen testimonial after testimonial telling you how purchasing this course was the a GREAT decision that truly helped them out. Period.

I’ve given you all the information you need to make an informed decision right now – and I recommend that you do.

But it’s truly your choice. If you feel you can write something beautiful without this guide I congratulate you and wish you the best.

But if you’re not a writer or public speaker and want an easy and fast way to write a Eulogy (often in under 30 minutes) this is exactly what you need.

Buy Basic Package Now!

Buy Premium Package Buy Upgraded Package Buy Basic Package Buy Basic Package Now!

P.S. I think you’ve been through enough. You deserve a break from all the stress and heartache you’re going through – the last thing you need is to worry about writing a moving eulogy, here’s a guaranteed way for you to write one quickly and easily.

P.S.S. I don’t mean to rush you – but there is a very real possibility that I will have to raise the price to help fund the cost of maintaining this website. Please order now to beat the price hike.